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Uneven Hem Jeans Cover

We’ve been there, skinny jeans, tattered jeans, etc. And now, the latest trend in jeans has now been in the fashion news and considered the “In” in fashion spotlight right now. The French brand Vetements, which inspired women everywhere to DIY their own pair when the brand charged upwards of four figures for a pair […]

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Ankle Boots Cover

Boots are commonly used in specific seasons of the year especially during winter, but that is about to change. In fashion, boots are considered “In” in whatever the season it is as long as you look glamorous with style on any occasion. It could be true that boots are made to provide warmth to your […]

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Fishnet Tights and Jeans Cover

Fishnet tights is a trend back in the 80’s and fashion has brought it back this season. Fishnet tights are mostly used before the same as using stockings. With the evolution of fashion world with the perceptions of designers, fishnets tights are now paired with jeans which looked really well and very fashionable. Tattered jeans […]

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Denim and Hijab 7

Denim jackets came back to life and it is the “In” in fashion right now. Considering the cold weather in most places of the earth nowadays, a denim jacket is very suitable for your fashion statement. You know what? Denim jacket and hijab makes a perfect fit. When both these things are worn, it makes […]

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Women Asks 2

Have you ever wondered what are the beauty questions that Google receives and answers? See below and most of these are answered in Emaratiya while the rest are yet to come. How to fill in your eyebrows the right way? How to shape your eyebrows properly? How to get rid of under-eye bags overnight? What […]

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Being pregnant should never be a reason for you get out of style. In this article, we will provide you with ideas on how to your wear leather jackets with style while you are pregnant. Get a stylistic maternity look by wearing your favorite leather jacket during your pregnancy. You can actually pair it with […]

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Haircut 2017

Hair is the crowning glory for women and is very important to have the haircut and style. Hair styles are not all about the trends but also serves specific function like distracting the attention of those imperfections, allowing to visually diminish the nose, to hide prominent ears, to elongate the neck and alleviate some harsh […]

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Makeup Shining Eye Shadow

It has been observed that evolution has made its way for ladies whether it is lifestyle, fashion, cosmetics, food, etc. In 2017, makeup trends also evolved to a more natural and comfortable look. We will guide you on the latest and upcoming trends this year. Makeup in Spring-Summer Collections 2017 LIGHT TEXTURES As everyone has […]

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Shoes and Bag Match 5

Being in style and color coordinated does not always mean spending. All you have to do is mix and match your shoes with your bags. Most often, the most difficult choice to make is to choose which bag matches you shoes. It doesn’t have to always match the texture and color of your bags and […]

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Dubai Shopping Festival 2017

The Dubai Shopping Festival is the perfect time to shop because of the Best Deals are here to be found. Shoppers will be entertained with Entertainment, Fantastic Fashion Shows and Raffle Prizes. The annual Dubai Shopping Festival starts earlier than usual on December 26, and will run until January 28, the event’s longest run. To […]