Simple Yet Cute Organizer For You!
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Most of us love to receive gifts with a simple card that contains messages and wishes from families and friends during birthdays and weddings. For some it is just nothing but I know for many people including me, receiving a message card or stationery is something that makes the gift giving extra special.

In my case, I do letter writing and card giving even without any occasion and I believe some people do the same.

I remember during my Senior High School days, I used to buy a lot of stationery and cards because I love writing to my family, friends and people I have a crush on. Yes, I made letters for them as well. I used to express how I admire them and how I feel when I am with them. So, I’ve got like tons of papers in my room and there was one time that I really didn’t know what to pick as all the specialty papers, cards and stationery were unorganized inside one storage box. It is hard to look for something specific inside a big space full of same kind of thing but different categories. I honestly do not want to look weird when writing a thank you letter for a single and not married friend of mine on a wedding card, right?

So, here is the best idea for organizing your papers. You can save time, effort and of course it looks really awesome.



  • 5″ x 10″ colored cardstock scored at 1/2″ intervals with 1/4″ Simple Adhesive placed on every fourth section
  • Colored cardstock cut to 6.5″ x  5″ scored as shown at 1.25″ and 3.75″
  • 7 additional pieces of colored cardstock cut to 6.5″ x 5″, unscored
  • Not Pictured: Two pieces of bookboard or very thick chipboard cut to 7″ x 5.5″



Simple Yet Cute Organizer For You! – Emaratiya Women's Magazine


  1. {1} Fold the scored cardstock accordion-style
  2. Adhere the 7 pieces of cardstock between the two folded pieces, as shown.
  3. Cover the two pieces of bookboard with your choice of patterned paper
  4. Attach the two pieces covered bookboard with the last piece of 6.5 x 5″ piece of cardstock
  5. Adhere the accordion file to the inside of the bookboard pieces.



Simple Yet Cute Organizer For You! – Emaratiya Women's Magazine

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