How to Detect Original and Fake iPhone
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Woman Checking iPhone

Woman Checking iPhone

Have you just bought an iPhone and your skeptical about its authenticity? Or Someone offered you an iPhone at a good price and you almost bought it?

You need to read this article first. This will help you in choosing a right direction and avoid you from wasting money. This article will show the difference between an original iPhone and a fake one. Over time, the production of fake goods has gotten a lot better that you wouldn’t be able to notice the difference at one glance. But with tedious checking and knowledge, you wouldn’t be fooled by anyone.

You can assess whether the iPhone is authentic or fake by checking the physical indicators, phone’s performance, and the system indicators.


Phone Costs Money

Phone Costs Money

1.) Screws

iPhone uses a different kind of screw, which is pentalobe security screw, while the fake once uses the normal cross screws which are easily available in the market.

2.) Physical Buttons

The iPhone’s sleep/wake button is on the top right corner, while the volume switch and ringer switch are on the upper left side. If any of these buttons are placed in a different location. You know what it is.

3.) Screen Display

The original iPhone has a clear and vivid color display. If you notice that the iPhone you are assessing has pixelated display and dull colors, it’s fake.

4.) The Apple Logo

The iPhone logo is at the back of the phone. If you don’t see it, it’s fake iPhone. Most clone iPhones have this physical feature, to determine whether it is fake, rub your finger over the logo. You will feel a transition from the phone cover to the Apple logo, if so, it’s fake.

5.) Welcome or Opening Screen

The original iPhone shows in the opening screen an iPhone logo and most clone iPhone shows texts like, “Welcome”, or other texts. The original will also show the iPhone store icon, if you click on it and directs you to Google Store, then it’s fake, iPhone does not use Google store.

7.) Sim Card

The original iPhone has a feature of only one sim card. Check the sim card slot how many sim cards are available, if there are two. Then, it’s fake.


iPhone Performance

iPhone Performance

1.) Quality of Camera

The original iPhones are known to have very good quality camera. Try taking a photo of the phone, if it has bad quality photos, then you already know the answer.

2.) Multi-tasking Capabilities

The original iPhones support multi-tasking very well. Try playing music and open another application or a couple more applications to check the phones processing. Fake iPhones finds it difficult to run two or more applications at one time.

3.) Screen Sensitivity

The original iPhones has very good screen sensitivity. The fake ones usually are slower, lags and experience phone hangs.


iPhone Serial Number

iPhone Serial Number

1.) Serial Number

Using an original iPhone, you can dial the code “#06#” to display the phone’s serial number. If this doesn’t work, fake! But doesn’t stop there, some clone iPhones have adapted this feature. Verify further by entering it to the website together with the hardware serial number.

2.) Phone Memory

The original iPhones have fixed storage capacity and doesn’t have a memory card slot. If you see a memory card slot on the supposed original iPhone, then it’s fake.

3.) Siri Application

The Siri application can only be launched on an original iPhone. Siri does not work at all on a fake iPhone.

4.) iOS

iOS is iPhone’s operating system. If the phone has an operating system other than an iOS, then it’ fake.

5.) iTunes

All original iPhones should be able to connect to iTunes. If your phone is undetectable and unable to connect, a huge possibility that it is fake. But check on the other tips we listed in this article to assess further.


1.) Licensed iPhone dealers provide warranty.

2.) Don’t be seduced by very low price. Most fake iPhones are offered in low prices.

3.) If you want to be sure with the help of a professional, take the phone to a registered iPhone store and have it verified.

Hope these help you!

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