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Maternal Medicine Conference 2017 Dubai Cover

M­­aternal medicine conference on high risk pregnancy and fetal medicine will be held on May 2017 in Dubai. Key highlights will be on maternal critical care, complex medical disorders and medical complications in pregnancy. The conference is being conducted by the world’s most prestigious organisation Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynaecology (RCOG) of London, UK. […]

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Spot The Difference Cover

Playing spot the difference game is mostly associated with childhood life as most of us have good memories with our friends when playing the game. However, the game is not only for the kids. It is a great brain exercise for people of all ages. According to Dr. Pascale Michelon, a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology […]

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Cough and Cold 1

Getting colds and cough is normal for humans like us and we usually resort to taking strong medications that gets rid of it fast. It is indeed very effective, however, side effects and consequences comes with it. One of the most common side effect is it drops your immunity to such kind of sickness. To […]

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Time With Kids

Spending quality time with our children is crucial for their development as well as their happiness. But whether it’s the demands of a new job, a baby in the family, or we just need to vacuum or strip the beds, parents always seem to be wishing they had more time for their offspring. Does that mean […]

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Keeping your child safe is your top priority. Learn how to protect your child inside the house and out, what to do in an emergency, how to stock a first-aid kit, where to call for help so that you will be assured that your children will always get the help they quickly need. When a […]

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Several younger students also made their summer vacation more meaningful by doing their bit to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients whom they do not even know. A B.Com graduate, Reeba Grace Thomas shaved off her hair on her 22nd birthday on July 9 as showing support for the cancer patients. Dubai […]

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Living through trauma may teach you resilience. It may help sustain you and others in times of crisis down the road. It may prompt humility. It may make for deeper seasons of joy. It may even make you stronger. It also may not. In the end, the hope of life after trauma is simply that you […]

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  Flight CX-5J015 from the UAE to the Philippine capital had a scenario on board where a first-time mother suddenly had contractions. As the aircraft was cruising at its designated altitude, the incident caused a small commotion, prompting the cabin crew to call for help. The pre-term baby girl was due in October while the […]

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Children are the most precious gifts that we can have. They are so curious about almost all the things that they see and hear. Most of the time, they are clueless that some things would put them in danger. This means, our help to keep them aware about how they can make themselves safe is […]

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A new special embryo glue that reduces chances of miscarriages in woman was announced by DHA as Dubai Gynaecology and Fertility Centre (DGFC) has come up with it. The Director of the centre, Hana Tahwara said  “The embryo glue is a new embryo transfer medium, which is used in the final step of In Vitro […]