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Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort 1

“Discover Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort. One of Fujairah’s Best Hotels.” Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort is located on the east coast of the UAE in Fujairah, the smallest of the Emirates. Approximately 90 minutes from Dubai International Airport and just 45 km from Fujairah National Airport. This stunning five-star resort overlooks the sea and its […]

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Press Release   Discover The All-New LPG Relaxing Shaping Dry Oil   A combined fat burning action and relaxing wellbeing effect is just your ticket to a slimmer & happy YOU   Dubai: Lose those stubborn fat and at the same time feel more relaxed and blissful with the all-new LPG Relaxing Shaping Dry Oil. […]

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Ace Mirabel Beauty Center Promo 1

Get 20% Off on a Minimum of 4 Services. Hurry! Make a statement, come to Ace Mirabel Beauty Center. The total answer for beautifying your body. Ace Mirabel Beauty Center provides services such as hair treatments, hair care, hair color, facial care, nail care, waxing, threading and more. Please feel free to contact us for […]

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Lolita Ladies Salon 2

In the presence of H.E Sheikha Dr. Hind Bint Abdul Aziz Al Qasimi, media members and dignitaries of society, a large ceremony was held yesterday to commemorate the second anniversary of opening “Lolita Ladies Salon”. Lolita saloon which located at Al Wasl Road in Villa B 257 celebrating two years of its distinguished start and its […]

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Maternal Medicine Conference 2017 Dubai Cover

M­­aternal medicine conference on high risk pregnancy and fetal medicine will be held on May 2017 in Dubai. Key highlights will be on maternal critical care, complex medical disorders and medical complications in pregnancy. The conference is being conducted by the world’s most prestigious organisation Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynaecology (RCOG) of London, UK. […]

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Uneven Hem Jeans Cover

We’ve been there, skinny jeans, tattered jeans, etc. And now, the latest trend in jeans has now been in the fashion news and considered the “In” in fashion spotlight right now. The French brand Vetements, which inspired women everywhere to DIY their own pair when the brand charged upwards of four figures for a pair […]

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Shaikha Mozah Al Maktoum 2

Shaikha Mozah Al Maktoum, cousin of Shaikha Latifa and a member of Dubai’s ruling family, has completed her first assisted flight as a commercial pilot. It has been known to the public when Shaikha Latifa posted on her Instagram account a photograph of her cousin Shaikha Mozah, which said in Arabic: “Mozah Marwan. My sister’s […]

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Dizzy Woman Cover 2

There are a lot of reasons why a woman feel dizzy, it may be because of low sugar in your body, during your menstruation, when you’re starving, low in vitamins, etc. There’s no specific time when dizziness comes and sometimes it just happens when you least expected it. Below are the most common solutions to […]

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Ankle Boots Cover

Boots are commonly used in specific seasons of the year especially during winter, but that is about to change. In fashion, boots are considered “In” in whatever the season it is as long as you look glamorous with style on any occasion. It could be true that boots are made to provide warmth to your […]

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Healthy Foods 1

Aside from the most common ways to have a good sleep such as adjusting the room light, temperature, comfortable bed, etc., the right kind of foods can also help you achieve a deep sleep. The author of The Good Sleep Guide, Sammy Margo, explained how not only can certain foods can help us achieve better […]