7 Things You Should Consider Before Marrying Your Partner
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7 Things You Should Consider Before Marrying Your Partner | Emaratiya Women's Magazine

Marriage is a gift. You know that it’s love you share, but marriage is a huge commitment. Marriage is not just a small thing that needs to be rush on. It is a big thing that we should think not only twice, nor thrice but many times!

Check these advises for you to consider before getting married:

1. Building a Family

So be upfront and honest about how important children are to you. And If you both want kids, then how many? Would adoption be an option? Things like this must be discussed ahead of time.

2. Budget Management

If anything it can get worse if your finances become entwined. It’s important to know how your partner handles money and what their attitudes toward it are. It’s worth talking about whether you want to combine your finances through joint bank accounts or by filing taxes as a couple. Will your debts also be married? Money can’t buy you love — but it can mess it up.

3. Family Background

Major life events inevitably bring people back to their families. And how people handle stressful times often goes back to their familial relationships. Having a sense of the dynamics will help you both negotiate challenging times.

4. Temper Control

Everyone gets angry and upset sometimes and all couples are bound to fight. So it helps to know how your partner reacts to being upset. Do they freak out and yell or sulk in silence? Knowing this will help ease tensions when things get heated, and it’ll just give you a sense of how to gauge their mood and adjust accordingly.

5. Life Goals

For all its splendor, marriage sometimes means foreclosing on some of the goals or dreams you have. It’s important to know what your partner doesn’t want to give up on, whether it’s traveling across Europe or going to graduate school, and how it’s likely to affect your marriage.

6. A Home to live with

People tend to move around a lot more these days than a generation ago. It helps to talk about where you want to end up down the road. Does your partner see themselves in the city or in a suburb? Or do they prefer the country?

7. Division of Labor

Will one person will be going to work and the other stay home? Will you divide up household chores evenly? There’s no right or wrong way. Just be clear about what each of you expects.

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